ITWP is a leading digital market research company that leverages technology and harnesses human creativity around the world to deliver best in class insights

We relentlessly pursue and develop new technologies so that our clients have access to the most advanced means of consumer insights. We think and act unconventionally in order to drive profound change in the field of market research.

Our technology is fueled by our systematic approach in market research, which ensures that the insights we deliver are of the highest quality.

ITWP was founded in 2000 by Frédéric-Charles Petit, its current CEO. Verlinvest invested in ITWP in July 2009. Learn more about our history and acquisitions here .

ITWP is the parent of three leading consumer insights companies: Toluna, Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData.

Agile consumer insights technology

Toluna is a global consumer intelligence company that delivers on the principles of Insights on Demand, a new category in market research. We respond to the challenges and needs of the companies operating in today’s on-demand economy by offering a first-of-its-kind automated, end-to-end platform that delivers rich, reliable consumer intelligence in real-time. Built and driven by experts in consumer intelligence, we not only integrate industry-leading technologies into our platform but also maintain our own online community of influencers—the world’s largest—who are highly engaged and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

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Full-service consultative market research

Harris Interactive is a full-service, digital consultative custom market research agency that combines sector expertise with award-winning research design.

We go above and beyond to make complex decisions easy and provide simple, actionable insights.  And now, our industry-leading technology delivers those insights faster than anyone else.  And with in-house expertise covering all areas of research, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting – with particular strengths in loyalty, brand, and new product development – we’re with our clients every step of the way.

At Harris Interactive our legacy, expertise, and relationships made us who we are but technology drives our future and speed of delivery allows us to anticipate challenges.

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Innovative market expertise

KuRunData is dedicated to providing high quality and efficient online research services and is the leading panel community in mainland China. We are devoted to unifying marketing research with technology, to provide first-class online research services. Our disruptive innovation with a Wechat integration contributes to a diversified portfolio of digital research products.

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