About Insights On Demand

ITWP, parent holding-company of Toluna, and Harris Interactive Europe, together with other founding members, has launched the Insights on Demand Consortium. The Consortium is a multi-lateral group comprised of individuals and companies from all industries, such as CPG, high-tech, and market research, that are committed to promote the adoption of insights on demand, an entirely new way for businesses to understand and act on consumer intent and behaviour.

Insights on Demandâ„¢ is a transformational market category based on business needs for fully integrated approaches to understanding constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes.  Insights on Demandâ„¢ promotes the tight integration between technology and companies to provide iterative real-time insights that reflect constantly shifting market sentiment.